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2012 Festival Artists



Whether captivating audiences with her heartfelt music, entertaining them with her quick wit or sharing her written word in a boldly honest voice, Jann Arden is a Canadian original – a brilliant multi-dimensional talent who in many ways is just now hitting her stride.

billy bragg


Alternative rock musician and left-wing activist, Billy Bragg, is an acclaimed international artist who is probably best described as a combination folk musician, punk rocker and protest singer. His active involvement with a variety of grassroots, broadly leftist, political movements, is often reflected in lyrics that explore both political and romantic themes.



The influence of this internationally-acclaimed artist transcends his joyful fusion of Western pop and African Zulu rhythms. Musical activism has made Johnny Clegg one of South Africa’s most celebrated sons, and an inspiration around the world. During apartheid-era South Africa, when it was illegal for his seminal mixed-race band, Jaluka, to perform in public, his first album became a word-of-mouth, underground hit. Political in their music, Johnny Clegg and his band mates were arrested several times, and their concerts were routinely broken up.

plants and animals


You can’t put a label on an act like Plants and Animals. With a musical style that’s energetic, melodic and sultry, and stylizations that range from alt rock and progressive pop to psychedelic folk, this Montréal-based trio is truly original, pleasingly artistic and very entertaining. Avant garde comes to mind, but their music is too accessible for such a highfalutin label. Let’s just say they’re unique, very talented and lots of fun. They began as an instrumental group, recording a self-titled instrumental folk record with 15-minute songs in 2003, followed in 2007 by an EP titled With/Avec. With their 2008 album, Parc Avenue, they stepped out onto the circuit for the first time, with guitars and drums and vocals, and orchestration out the wazoo.



This crowd pleasing troupe of gifted musicians, armed with great songs and a unique stage gravitas, has affectionately been called “the hillbilly Pink Floyd”. This is a particularly apt description, especially if you throw in elements of Incredible String Band, Neil Young, The Band, Dylan, and maybe even a little Frank Zappa. Formed in the late 90’s when the ‘Slambovians’ were still in art school, they have toured extensively in North America and abroad, building an ever growing and devoted fan base with their electrifying live performances and strong original music. Something in the water along the Hudson River continues to inspire creative souls, and we believe this thoroughly entertaining act will quench the thirst of even the most musically adventurous folkie.



A young band with an extraordinary talent for blending various musical styles into their own unique brand of pop, together the three mischievous personalities of Hey Ocean form a dynamic live presence. In 2008, they unveiled their first album, It’s Easier To Be Somebody Else. A fusion of funky party-pop and lyric-driven ballads, the album garnered significant acclaim and attention. As leaders in the D.I.Y. generation, the band released its sophomore album on its very own label called Pop Machine. Hey Ocean is building on its early success with more music, more tours and as many festivals and outdoor events as possible.



Over the past three years, the indie-folk trio Good Old War – whose name is an amalgam of the band members’ names – has captivated audiences with their acoustic-driven, sing-along-inspiring live performances. With the release of their third full-length record, Come Back as Rain (2012), this Philadelphia-based band harnesses a high-spirited simplicity that makes their shows so unforgettable. Like Only Way To Be Alone (2008) and Good Old War (self titled – 2010), the new album showcases the delicately textured melodies and multipart harmonies that have become the band’s signature. With a penchant for infectious folk-pop, the group infuses their sound with joyful passion that makes their live performances delightful and inspiring.



Performer and producer, Danny Michel, slips into any genre with ease, spontaneity and disarming sincerity. A true innovator, he is proof that creativity in the digital age can still build a rich, successful and intimate relationship with fans. For his 2011 album, Sunset Sea, Danny challenged fans from around the world to submit their own tracks, and a few of his own parts were replaced by what he considered “better ones”. One of the tracks features a global chorus of fans. In 2008, he made his single, Feather, Fur & Fin, available for his fans to remix, and posted their versions on his website.



A singer-songwriter with an immense stage presence and an even bigger voice, Irish Mythen leaves her audience crying with one song and laughing with the next. A citizen of the world, having lived for long stints in far-flung places, she is a true voice of experience and intelligence, delivering her songs in a way that leaves people wondering, thinking and dreaming, long after the show is over. Last year, we were ‘blown away’ by Irish. She is one of the most asked-for repeat artists we have seen in a long time, and Mariposa jumped at the chance to bring her back.



An auditioned Mariposa Showcase performer at the 2005 festival, Old Man Luedecke went on to become one of Canada’s best loved and most intriguing roots singer-songwriters. He has earned a 2011 Juno Award for My Hands Are On Fire And Other Love Songs and a 2009 Juno Award for Proof of Love. His performances are exciting and totally entertaining, and his un-clinched banjo playing style sparkles. He’s a young man with an old soul who doesn’t sugar coat his fears, and this lets his songs breathe with bittersweet hopefulness. It’s almost as though Luedecke channels Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger, with maybe a hint of Loudon Wainwright III, and the result is modern old-time originality that is pleasing to the ears and the soul.



Bidiniband explores Canadian themes, so it is only natural that the group would lead a tribute to the late Stompin’ Tom Connors, himself a quintessential Canadian musician. Stompin’ Tom was a prolific and well-known country and folk singer and songwriter who expressed his dedication to Canada through music. He wrote more than 300 songs, released four dozen albums, played innumerable shows, and is immortalized by songs that are part of the Canadian cultural landscape such as Sudbury Saturday Night, Bud the Spud and The Hockey Song. Bidiniband will be joined by guest artists in honouring the memory of Stompin’ Tom.



Three quarters of a quarter of a century ago, something magnificent happened in Kingston, Ontario. Out of a desperate need for musical comedy, The Arrogant Worms was formed. They began by making fun of a big dumb world, and the world is still dumb so they have plenty to sing about. Their show is fast and furious, the satire is biting and the musicianship is second to none. Their appeal has earned fans from kids to parents to grandparents to Princess Leia. Their songs are in school lesson plans, textbooks, and were even played on the Space Shuttle. On earth or in space, everyone digs these Worms.



Fathead is a sizzling group of some of the most experienced funk, soul and rocking blues musicians on the music scene today. Their harp and guitar-dominated sound combines Hoodoo/Voodoo with killer musicianship, to create a grooving blues tour de force. Two-time Juno winning Fathead is lead singer, John Mays, whose storied career includes working with the Godfather Of Soul, James Brown; band leader, harp and saxophone player, Al Lerman; bassist, Omar Tunnoch, who played with John Lee Hooker, Etta James and Paul Butterfield; guitar ace, Teddy Leonard, who played with Morgan Davis, Colin Linden, Rick Danko, and Paul Reddick; and the iconic Bucky Berger, guardian of the beat.



Funny and ballsy, Treasa Levasseur is an old-school young dame with a big voice, big sound, and a big brand-new record bearing the deliciously provocative title of Broad. About herself and the album name, she says, “If I were a Hepburn, I’d be Katherine, not Audrey”. When Levasseur burst on to the scene in 2006, she immediately established herself as a versatile artist with an unmistakable voice, a sassy attitude, and smarts to spare. No shrinking violet, she’s a garden in full bloom – colourful, varied, beautiful, full of life, and above all, one of a kind. She’s a terrific broad, and we think you’ll love her.



In a career spanning just over a decade, Oh Susanna has released six critically acclaimed records noted for their contemplative, thoughtful, folk-inspired songs. Whether applauding a young woman’s need to stand tall in the face of dire circumstances, expressing love and tenderness to a dying loved one or embodying the anger of a soldier’s widow, Oh Susanna’s songs aim straight for the gut. On her most recent record, Soon The Birds, Oh Susanna brings her breathtakingly effortless countrified alto into the foreground with a collection of haunting songs that shine light into the darker areas of the human experience.



Born and raised in the tropical south of the state of Chiapas, this multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, producer and recording artist has been based in Toronto since 2007. Lately, he has become a favourite on various CBC radio shows, and in January, 2012, he released a self titled EP album, presented and recorded live by CBC Radio. Quique captivates his audience with diverse sounds based on traditional Mexican styles such as ranchera and huapango, and infused with reggae, ska, pop, jazz, cumbia, and bolero. His lyrics carry powerful messages inspired by various issues including human and civil rights, immigration reform, global conservation, anti-racism, discrimination, anti-oppression and Indigenous rights.



From their beginnings as three actors who loved to sing together, The Once has embraced a different vision of Newfoundland music. Their sounds do not come from the noisy pubs and dockside taverns that fuel so much of the Island’s energy. Instead, their music comes from a quieter and more thoughtful place. Geraldine Hollett’s voice is an instrument of rare power. She can still a noisy room and tell a moving story with just a few words. Accompanied by Phil Churchill and Andrew Dale on guitar, mandolin, fiddle and bouzouki, together they create a perfect, beautiful blend of voice and melody.



An exciting musical collaboration, Scarlett Jane is the marriage of the distinctive songs and beautifully haunting voices of Andrea Ramolo and Cindy Doire. Their debut recording, Stranger, captures their strength and vulnerability, with a progressive roots sound that which embodies the raw and candid demeanor of Lucinda Williams, the moody sensuality of Stevie Nicks, and the tender playfulness of Dolly Parton. Both of them are road warriors – Andrea has two previous releases while Cindy has three, two of them in French. This powerful and irrefutable, musical dynamic duo is capping-off a 35 date cross-country tour with their debut performance at Mariposa Folk Festival.



In a world where poets rarely intersect with stardom, we have found the poet of our generation. Powerfully engaging and authentic, Shane Koyczan’s explorations are relevant to our times in the way that Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Gordon Downie and Leonard Cohen are to theirs. His published collection, Visiting Hours, is on its way to becoming a classic, and his novel, Stickboy, is hailed for its deft handling of the subject of bullying. Shane breathes life into the new genre of talk rock with his band the Short Story Long. With their folk to funk, ambient to rock stylings, the band paints a rich patina for Koyczan’s verse.



This Innu writer-composer-performer was half of the duo, Kashtin, one of the most commercially successful musical groups in First Nations history. Kashtin’s three albums earned Florent Vollant 4 Félix Awards, and would take him across Canada and to France, Belgium, South Korea, USA and Bolivia. Florent has collaborated on many musical projects since Kashtin including Robbie Robertson’s The Native Americans album. His serene Christmas album, Nipaiamianan, sung in Innu, earned him his first Juno Award as well as an apostolic blessing from Pope John Paul II. He was also the driving force behind a recording studio that doubles as a training and production centre for young native musicians.



You won’t get far into traditional Quebecois culture without tripping over the tail of the devil. Le yab’, as he’s popularly known, is lurking everywhere. He’s a familiar presence in songs, jokes, stories, and legends, and these dynamic musicians have given the prince of darkness his due by naming their band Belzébuth, the French variant of Beelzebub. Their excellent debut album, Les Péchés du Diable (2004), also played on that theme. This was followed by two equally strong follow-up albums, En faisant semblant de rien (2007) and Suite 8 (2011). They are exciting, lively, passionate and harmonious, and they’ll make you dance like your feet are aflame.

kevin fox


Although Kevin Fox has been spending the last few years composing arrangements for the likes of Justin Bieber and Kathleen Edwards, recording with artists as diverse as Raine Maida & Celine Dion, and touring with musicians ranging from Chantal Kreviazuk and Steven Page to Tom Cochrane and Olivia Newton-John, he has somehow found the time to write and record his third album, Set Right. It follows his critically acclaimed 2008 release, Songs for Cello & Voice. According to NOW, a performance by Fox is a hot ticket, must-see show. We couldn’t agree more, and we are very pleased we snagged this in-demand artist for our Mariposa stage.



The musical identity of this multi-award winning, crowd pleasing group is traditional, southern-flavoured bluegrass music. The first generation of bluegrass legends left an indelible mark, but the Spinney Brothers have been equally shaped by their life experiences and Nova Scotia heritage. Incorporating original material and traditional standards, they seamlessly intertwine the past and present with fresh, exciting, foot-stomping sounds. With brother duet singing, backed by tight and accomplished instrumentation, the Spinney Brothers’ show is entertaining and lively, and leaves you shouting for more. The Spinney Brothers are Allan Spinney (guitar/vocals), Rick Spinney (banjo/vocals), Gary Dalrymple (mandolin) and Darryl Hebb (upright bass).



Anne Lederman and Ian Bell formed Muddy York in 1978 to resurrect the traditional songs and dance music of Ontario. They later formed Scatter the Ashes, which performed at Expo 86 in Vancouver, joined by the legendary Wade Hemsworth. After the band dissolved, Anne and Ian have continued to work with each other, playing in several other bands from the Dawnbreakers to the Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band and Njacko Backo’s Kalimba Kalimba. Now, they have reformed Muddy York to perform old music for a new age, with mash-ups with world musicians. Call it Old Ontario meeting middle-eastern percussion, Carnatic violin, steel drum, and kalimba, if you like – but call it fantastic!

the express & co


Soul child of Peterborough, Ontario, The Express and Co. is a musical partnership between singer/songwriter, Dylan Ireland, and the sassy fiddle playing of Melissa Payne. When you add in the perfectly simplistic rhythm section of Joe Hay (drums), and Liam Wilson (bass) as well the brilliant multi-instrumentalist, Benj Rowland, you have an exciting traditional band for modern ears. Their influences include The Band, The Sadies, and Blue Rodeo. With a well-recognized radio release and a recording set to be released on the Pirate Radio Records label, The Express and Co. is poised to prove that organic music is alive, and kicking in your front door.



East Coast Music Award winner (Country Album of the Year, 2011), Meaghan Blanchard is making big waves. Starting with performances at school, church and community benefit concert audiences, she moved on to all ages shows and coffee houses, then to concert venues and bars, fine tuning her impressive song writing and playing at every stop along the way. Recently, Meaghan has spent time in Nashville showcasing, co-writing and making friends. With a powerful but controlled voice, she sings her material with total commitment and a maturity beyond her years, giving her songs the power to connect with listeners of all ages.

Al Simmons


Vaudeville’s half-century run of popularity may have died back in the 1940’s, but don’t try to tell that to Al Simmons, a gifted performer dedicated to combining comedy with song, dance, magic, sight gags and zany one-liners. Reviving the joyful tradition of great comedy kings like Danny Kaye, Spike Jones and Jimmy Durante, Al’s creative genius, quick costume changes, out-of-this-world theatrical gadgets, and peculiar musical instruments, make him a one-man cast of thousands. This modern day comedy chameleon can provoke delighted shrieks from a zombie or roaring belly laughs from an ogre, so tears of laughter from regular folk is a cinch. Guffaw, chuckle, giggle, teehee, sniggle, snort!



With a performer as driven as Julian Fauth, you get the distinct impression he shares his body with an old spirit from the beyond. There’s just no other way to explain his grasp of the pre-war piano blues he so loves to share. Seemingly possessed by his muse, Julian’s mystical and enchanting performance style is beyond bewitching. His enthusiastic and vigorous stage presence rejuvenates his beloved music like few before him ever could. While some musicians wear their influences casually on their sleeves, Julian’s influences are hard-wired into his biological makeup. The result is a joyful musical experience only a fool would miss.



While playing gigs on the Toronto pub scene, this dynamic bluegrass quartet starting turning heads in 2009. Three years later, with many performances under their belt and an album in the works, The Slocan Ramblers are set to take on Mariposa. Their growing repertoire, impressive command of the bluegrass and old time music genres, blistering fast fiddle tunes, sparkling vocal harmonies, and haunting melodies, are making a fresh and exciting contribution to Canada’s music scene. Their original music is impressively strong, and it pays fitting homage to important influences like Bill Monroe, Stanley Brothers, Ricky Skaggs, Flatt and Scruggs, Steve Earl and Doc Watson.



With the release of Man With a Love Song, James Hill takes his place in the ranks of today’s best young songwriters. Resonating with jazz, bluegrass, old-time and folk influences, it is an album that fills you up and keeps you coming back for more. Hill has also earned a reputation as one of the world’s foremost players of the often-underestimated ukulele. His technical prowess on the instrument is seriously impressive – the kind of skill associated with the highest levels of virtuosity. This is an exciting time for the ukulele, and for the Mariposa audience, which will be very impressed by what James Hill has in store.



For a quarter of a century, this poet laureate of the folk and roots music world has gone about his work with passion, intent, intensity and curiosity. Armed with a songbook of enlightening ideas, Keelaghan’s life is a perpetual journey. His songs are like musical expeditions, some of them weaving through stories with underlying universal themes, and others mining the depths of the soul. The Halifax Chronicle Herald describes him as a man with fingers of steel and a voice like a Mack Truck. Keelaghan is acclaimed from Australia to Scandinavia, with numerous nominations and awards including a Juno to his credit.



A gentle giant with kind eyes and an undeniable ability to make you feel good about yourself, this musical master brings decades of commitment, consistency and depth to a career that skilfully blends the genres. Dubbed “Mr. Multi-Media” by Billboard Magazine, his diverse repertoire includes 12 acclaimed children’s albums. More than the music, this two-time Juno winner also crawled magically out of a hollow log for 12 seasons and nearly 900 episodes in the hit TV show, Fred Penner’s Place, on CBC and Nickelodeon. Delighting audiences across North America, Penner is ensconced as a fundamental part of the family entertainment scene.



This folk and roots trio has one foot in Montreal and the other in Toronto, but that doesn’t stop them from congregating to play great shows. They’ve played everything from the Winnipeg Folk Festival to a packed room in Toronto’s iconic Cameron House. Raven Sheilds and Bri Salmena write the songs and play guitar, and Aaron Comeau backs them up with all the other instruments. They have a self-titled first record, which is selling nicely through independent channels, and they hope to re-release it soon on a label. The video of their song, Roster, coupled with Nina Simone’s, Be My Husband, is also getting lots of attention.



Two-time Juno-winning banjoist, Jayme Stone, makes music inspired by folk traditions from around the world. It took him to West Africa, the origin of the banjo, to satisfy his curiosity about the music that didn’t make it across the ocean on the slave ships from Senegal and Mali. The resulting album, Africa to Appalachia, is a boundary-crossing musical triumph. His latest album, Room of Wonders, explores music from Norway, Sweden, Bulgaria, Brazil, Italy and North America. Jayme’s work has been praised by everyone from Steve Martin to the BBC, and we are honoured to present him on our Mariposa stage.



Ever pluck a harp or drum on a djembe? Ever womp-womp on a didgeridoo or buzz into a shofar? Ever strum a mountain dulcimer or frail a banjo? All of these traditional folk instruments and about 100 more are part of Todd Crowley’s Traveling Musical Petting Zoo. It is a fully interactive, hands-on exhibition for musicians, young and old, novice to professional. The instruments tell a story of their own each time a child connects to the folk tradition by trying an instrument for the first time, or an adult rediscovers the joy of making music. Check it out – you will be surprised how much fun it is.



Playing with his mother, father, and brother, Grady Kelneck was brought up in a show biz family – his mother literally went into labour with him on stage. Over the years, Grady has been in a number of musical outfits, playing multiple instruments, singing and songwriting. His acoustic guitar and voice serve as conduits for traditional and folk musings, and his latest effort is a collection of self-penned raw ballads with wide open spaces, smooth sailing vocals and intricate acoustic guitar picking. Grady’s career is one to watch, as witnessed by his attention-getting performances at Canadian Music Week, NxNE, and Halifax Pop Explosion.



Appearing for the first time at the Festival, as a participant in the Mariposa-sponsored songwriters club, this performer is no stranger to Mariposa Folk Foundation. Aaron’s songs and performances are both passionate and haunting, with acoustic guitar that complements impressive vocals. The result is a truly authentic musical experience. His voice ranges from subtle and wispy to rich and booming, and his intimate songs resonate strongly with audiences. Aaron’s music ranges from metal to rock to acoustic folk, an apropos mix considering his young age and wide view of the world. We think you will be drawn-in and intrigued when Aaron hits the stage.



Widely acclaimed as a contemporary songwriter and a very fine Celtic traditional singer, Eileen McGann has a dynamic performance style, infectious sense of humour and a magnificent, stunning and hauntingly beautiful, voice. Her songs paint pictures, tell stories and poke fun at life’s absurdities, and a strong environmental and social sensibility pervades her writing, with material ranging from ancient ballads to rollicking songs of love and adventure. Eileen has released six solo recordings to strong critical review, is a mainstay at festivals internationally, and her live performances have been featured on national radio programs in Britain, Canada and the U.S.



A musician, performer, writer and host with a passion for the Canadian experience, David Newland is the force behind The McFlies and co-founder & co-host of the Corktown Ukulele Jam community. He logs dozens of gigs yearly as a solo performer in addition to his many other pursuits, and is Editor-in-Chief for Roots Music Canada, the portal for original organic Canadian music. He frequently appears as a speaker, moderator and panellist, specializing in using new media to build community. We are very pleased to welcome this friend of Mariposa, and roots music in general, back to our stage this year.



If you like to laugh, hold onto your hats, ‘cause these guys steal hats! Murray Rodger (they call him “Murph”) and Kevin Knight (they call him “Kevin”), will have you rolling in the aisles – well, the grass anyways. Their original sketches replete (now, there’s a funny word) with music, costumes, accents, slapstick, and clean humour suitable for all ages, has Oprah raving about them. We’re just not saying which Oprah. TMZ insiders tell us, very confidentially of course, that you will see this act on the Tonight Show never in your lifetime, so you better catch them at Mariposa when you can. Joining The Medicine Show for their gig at Mariposa is renowned storyteller Brad Woods. Brad has made a national name for himself as a storyteller for both children and adults on his own and with his group The Great Wooden Trio. We welcome Brad back to Mariposa!



These guitar wizards mesmerize with remarkably imaginative guitar interplay, transporting their audiences from the highlands to the Blues. Each has a busy music career of his own, but their love of music fusion finds them seeking opportunities to work together more often these days. 2011 saw them tour together for the first time, with concerts in Nova Scotia & Maine. Their first duo recording, Live off the Floor, garnered critical acclaim. This year, Scott and Brian are venturing onto the festival circuit for the first time, making their debut at Mariposa. We are very pleased, indeed, to present these remarkable guitar players together on our stage.



with “akwaba”. The word also reflects the philosophy of the Akwaba troupe, whose goal is to raise awareness of West Africa’s rich histories of dance and music, and bring people together through African culture. Their performance at Mariposa will be a succession of traditional African rhythms and dances, marking the abundance of the harvest or the hunt, and reflecting on man’s link to the supernatural. This spiritual communication demonstrates that human beings in general, and Africans in particular, can express their liberty and joy of living, by sharing with anyone who is sincere enough to receive it.



Poet, playwright, song-writer, and novelist, Robert Priest has performed his exciting mix of poems and songs all over the world. His words have been debated in the legislature, posted in the transit system, quoted by politicians, turned into a hit song, and widely published in text books and anthologies. As an electrifying performer of ‘rants, raves and reveries’, he is notorious and critically acclaimed. NOW says he is consistently one of the most entertaining acts in town. The Toronto Star describes his work as passionate, cocky verse that is alternately adoring and insulting. This fabulist and composer of lush poems will have you hanging on every word.



This soulful performer invites comparisons to John Hiatt and Fred Eaglesmith. His powerful song-writing is beautifully evocative, and his delivery is gritty, heartfelt, and moving. Rob has an ever-growing collection of literate meditations on life and love, and he seems to get even better with every recording and show. Greg Quill of the Toronto Star deemed his third studio effort, Ride the Shadows (2007) “a brilliantly understated gem…among the best of the year’s roots/blues crop.” It garnered a licensing deal from Rounder Europe and a saw him tour internationally. That was followed by his most confident work to date, Truth & Fiction (2008).



Following a long hiatus from performing due to surgery on his vocal chords, this storied artist is back at it, captivating audiences with his husky, passionate voice and impressive song writing. His craft has taken him from contracts with major publishers and penning a chart-topping hit tune, to playing with touring groups, then working as a solo artist. He has also had a long career in the public funding of the arts, and music in particular, with the Canada Council for the Arts and other arts organizations. His song writing, singing and guitar work are on full display on his new CD, Crazy Shades of Blue.



A seasoned pro who has toured and recorded extensively since the 1970s, David Bradstreet describes himself as a veteran of many coffeehouses, concert halls and folk festivals. He is renowned not only as a performer, but as a producer of such talents as Jane Siberry and the late, great Colleen Peterson. His most recent release, 08.20.10, was recorded live off the floor with Carl Keesee at Dave’s Cave in August, 2010. Carl will be coming up from Austin, Texas, to join David at Mariposa, along with a few guest musicians. We are very pleased to welcome this revered folk warrior back to our stage.

kennetts and kempkelts


Ann and David Kennett call regularly for the Orillia Folk Society, Wye Marsh Heritage Day, and the Celtic Roots Folk Festival. The Kempencelts are a dynamic group of Celtic musicians in high demand at festivals, parties and events. Fiddle players are Cheryl Wilson and Carol Kline. On guitar and bodhran are Chuck MacLeod and Brian Gogarty, and on stand up bass is Peter Cox. Together, they put on a foot stomping, toe tapping, shoe shuffling, crowd engaging performance. This is your chance to strut your stuff and, if you don’t know how, you will by the time their done with you.

alex folk band


Alex the Folk Band is a music-making cooperative known for beautiful harmony vocals and fiddle-based instrumentals. For more than two decades, this Orillia-based group has been performing wherever good people and fun times can be found, including festivals, conferences, conventions, fairs, parties, and church and Legion halls. The band’s repertoire ranges from traditional tunes to contemporary roots-based material. Their gospel set has twice been featured at the John Arcand Fiddle Fest in Saskatoon, and it is a favourite at Mariposa Folk Festival. Join them Sunday morning for a good old-fashioned, rousing, joyous session of soul filling, gospel music.



The newest book of Seattle author Clay Eals, “Steve Goodman: Facing the Music” is the story of the revered, iconic musician who thrived musically for 15 years after being diagnosed with a fatal illness. Goodman wrote an anthem of his generation, The City of New Orleans, and is considered by many to be the most galvanizing entertainer of his time. Now in its just-released and updated third printing, the book features interviews with many luminaries, including Arlo Guthrie, John Prine, Steve Martin, Jimmy Buffett, Kris Kristofferson, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Randy Newman, Paul Anka, Judy Collins, Pete Seeger, and Gordon Lightfoot. We are very pleased to present Clay Eals, who will discuss his book and the man who inspired it.



Among other things, Cheryl is a Yoga instructor, and she will be leading classes to help you attain a state of inner spirituality and tranquility. Yoga is well known for its mental and physical health benefits, and nobody knows this better, or how better to share it, than Cheryl. She is the owner of Moving Forward Consulting and Wellness Services, and is passionate about Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Meditation, in addition to Yoga. Take part in Mariposa’s Yoga sessions led by this recognized instructor, and feel yourself filling with positive energy and a sense of calm fulfillment.