Run With the Kittens

Brief Biography

This Toronto based foursome is hell bent on showing people a good time. Armed with a repertoire ranging from darkly witty Dylan-esque tunes to stompers worthy of Motorhead, they've been reaching out to audiences far and wide. Come see for yourself. And this is your chance to hear "The Orillia Song" live and in person!



Run With The Kittens are on a mission. The new fans they win over with each gig is a testament to the contagious energy of the band. They've even retrofitted an old school bus into an apartment on wheels, enabling touring across Canada to reach the masses.

"Refreshing" is an audience comment heard time and time again. This is no shoe-gazing, arms-at-your-sides-and-sway kinda band. Its guaranteed entertainment. In addition to the national club circuit, they've performed at biker festivals and mental institutions, beer festivals and municipal outdoor family events.

Capturing the spontaneous energy that this band creates live was no easy task, but after hooking up with producer Terry Brown (Blue Rodeo, Rush) the boys released two records in 2007, capturing their light and dark sides. One album is a Sunday morning, lounge affair (Condos & Lofts). The other is a Friday night, punk rock party (Bangers & Mash). Both have received national radio play and media recognition.

Catch the Kittens live in the Beer Tent on Saturday night. You will never think of a folk festival the same way again!