Annie Gallup

Brief Biography

A unique folk artist whose lyrics and music combine flawlessly, Annie brings her Ann Arbor background and rich experience to Mariposa this year. Whether it's a tuneful ode to whiskey going straight to her head or a father's "treasure" Annie's voice, lyrics and tunes will have audiences enthralled.


Beat Poet Songwriter and "spoke folk" artist Annie Gallup's writing is unabashedly imaginative and richly sensual. She is a teller of short, elaborate tales, song-length works of fiction that sparkle with the complexity and polish of poetry. Tightly packed lyrical strands that crackle with intelligence and spry word play and pulse with insistent rhythm. Hold Annie's work up to that of many contemporary literary lions: she's the real thing.

Annie grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She studied dance as a child - dancing and performing came to her naturally - but music, country blues in particular, was her secret obsession. As she taught herself to play guitar (hiding in her room after school, copping licks from old Mississippi John Hurt, Doc Watson and Dave Van Ronk albums that she found at the public library) it never occurred to her NOT to write songs for herself to play. So by the time she began performing publicly in the early 90s (after attending the University of Michigan School of Art and then moving west to chase her incurable wanderlust) she had internalized a songwriting style that was very distinctively her own, and that had evolved from her fascination with country blues, her love of words (Alice Munro, Grace Paley, Margaret Atwood, Stephen Dobyns), a dancer's sense of rhythm, and the sort of playful inventiveness that comes from doing something purely for its own reward. With seven CD releases under her belt, Annie brings her incredible sound to Mariposa this year.