The Good Lovelies

Brief Biography

Prepare to be soothed, amused and bathed in the glorious sound of three-part harmony. "Quirky," "comedic banter" and "beautiful melodies" are just three descriptors for this lively trio. Check them out!



The aptly named Good Lovelies are Caroline Brooks, Kerri Ough and Sue Passmore, all of them best friends and refugees from solo careers.

Described as "flirty-bluegrass" and "the mischievous Andrews Sisters" the Toronto-based trio rely on unerring three-part vocal harmonies, clever songs and, onstage, convulsively funny repartee.

The trio started as a group only two years ago. Since then, they have quit their jobs, played countless clubs and coffee houses and half a dozen folk festivals, completed a 40-date tour from Montreal to Vancouver Island and back and released a five-track EP featuring the playful single and CBC Radio favourite, 'Taboo'. Not to mention singing backup on Jill Barber's latest CD, earning CBC
airplay, opening for the likes of the Arrogant Worms and Lynn Miles,
holding down a weekly spot at the uber-hip Cameron House and selling out a solo show at Toronto's Hugh's Room.

The Good Lovelies' first full-length self-titled CD is being released in
January; it contains 11 finely-crafted original songs with catchy lyrics
and memorable melodies. The album borrows styles from bygone eras, all the while keeping the music current and relevant. Produced by Les Cooper (Madison Violet, Craig Cardiff, Jill Barber) and
Adam King, the CD features guest musicians Christine Bougie, Darcy Yates, Drew Jurecka, Justin Rutledge, Joel Stouffer, Spencer Evans and Marc Rogers.

Apart from the new album, Caroline, Kerri and Sue are gearing up for yet another major tour, and are booked for several festivals this summer including Mariposa, Ottawa, Calgary and Regina Folk Festivals.

Spreading sharp, light-hearted music from coast to coast is the plan for
2009. And after that? Well, there's a huge country south of Canada that
could use some laughter and another dose of hopeful goodwill from their neighbours, and the Lovelies are just the women to provide it.