John Gorka

Brief Biography

John Gorka's stunningly soulful baritone voice and amazingly unique songwriting comes to Mariposa's mainstage this year via New York, Kerrville Folkfestival, Austin City Limits and a host of other impressive venues.


Starting out in the early 80s, John Gorka worked at a small club in Pennsylvania that featured folk icons Eric Andersen, Tom Paxton and Canada's Stan Rogers. Listen to John's song That's How Legends are Made and you'll see that he's talking about Stan. (Ironic that John and Stan's son Nathan are both appearing at Mariposa this year! )

John honed his craft and made a number of recordings over the last 20-some years, CDs filled with brilliant lyrics and tunes and featuring his marvellous deep voice. Tours with Mary Chapin Carpenter and Nanci Griffith; recording with Peter Paul and Mary; and always new and incredible songwriting have marked his lengthy career.

His songs are in the best folkie traditions: love for his baby, love in general, social commentary, dark humour, .... Mariposa is in for an absolute treat.

Accompanying John at Mariposa this year is Grammy nominee Michael Manring on bass guitar.