The Queensberry Rules

Brief Biography

The Queensberry Rules come to Mariposa this year from all the way "across the pond." Could this be a second British Invasion?


Hailing from the working class suburbs surrounding Stoke-on-Trent, The Queensberry Rules is a tight trio made up of Gary Wilcox, Duncan Wilcox and Phil Hulse. Having spent several years serving their apprenticeship in the folk clubs of Britain, The Queensberry Rules first signified their arrival on the folk circuit with the release of their 2004 album - "Heritage and History". Self produced and released, it contained a collection of songs focusing, in the main, on their home city of Stoke on-Trent. Songs such as "The Saggar Makers Bottom Knocker" and the title track, talked of trade and industry synonymous with the area, while "Jam Jar Wakes" dealt with the local traditions. So successful was the album in introducing the band to new audiences, that their burgeoning reputation also alerted the attentions of the Fellside record label. It is one of the most prolific and well-respected folk record labels in the UK, and home to staples of the scene such as Nancy Kerr and James Fagan and one of the "hits" of last year's Mariposa, Bram Taylor.

Anthemic themes appear to run throughout the trio's repertoire including their tribute "The Minnie Pit Disaster" so you can imagine the audience at the Mariposa Folk Festival all punching the air while joining in the chorus. Be prepared to join the band!