Lucy Wainwright-Roche

Brief Biography

Joining her famous dad at Mariposa, Lucy Wainwright Roche carries on the musical torch passed by her dad and her mom - singer Suzzy Roche, of the Roches. Never mind her musical geneology: her great voice and a knack for tuneful, beautiful songs is the winning combination which convinced the Mariposa artistic committee to select her for the festival!

Lucy Wainwright Roche grew up in Greenwich Village, New York City. She is the daughter of two performing musicians, Loudon Wainwright and Suzzy Roche (The Roches). Her childhood was spent living out of a suitcase, either on the road, with her parents or being ferried around to different relatives in her big musical clan. About her childhood, Lucy has this to say: “I loved being on the road as a kid. It was like traveling in a pack, which is something that is fundamentally appealing to me. It included the best parts of a good book: the ups and downs of an ever-changing, ever-moving adventure, new characters in every town and all along I had everything I needed with me. My family, music and a window seat in the van.” In a family of rebels, she proved most rebellious by completing her Master's Degree in Education and has spent several years teaching second and third grade in New York City. After singing backup with her brother, Rufus Wainwright, over the years 2005 & 2006, she decided to take some time off from the classroom to explore her life long relationship to singing and song writing. Described by the New York Times as having the best qualities of both her parents and a voice “clear as a bell”, Lucy is a refreshing, pure, alternative to the jive pop culture. She is alarmingly straightforward and unadorned. A young singer just beginning to find her own point of view from a unique perspective. In the past year Lucy has toured the US doing solo shows and opening for many different musicians from Dar Williams to her brother Rufus. She ended 2007 with a special sold out birthday celebration at Joe's Pub in her hometown of NYC. In 2007 Lucy released her first recording, and an EP entitled "8 Songs". She says, “A person can inherit their family's name and a person can inherit their family's stories but experience is something everyone acquires themselves. That's what I'm thinking about as I'm starting to perform on my own.” "Sincere and raw, at times recalling Joni Mitchell and Patty Griffin, Roche's bittersweet voice leaps out; she paints an indelible image..." NPR's Song of the Day