A & R

Brief Biography

Unique and interesting. These are just two adjectives used to describe this dynamic musical duo.

A&R have been performing together for over 3 years now dating back to when they first met at an Audio Engineering and Music Production school in 2005. Their sound is very unique; combining elements of world, folk, dance, reggae and hip-hop using a acoustic guitar, box drum, vocal and steel pan.

“Our music is very diverse. A couple weeks before auditioning for Mariposa we were in the national final for a battle of the bands where nearly every band was a heavy rock or metal band. Our music really has no borders or boundaries.” So says R (Reid), one half of A & R. The A is for Andy.

Their music is positive and uplifting. You feel warm when you hear it and will want to get up, dance and get lost in the music. A true sight and sound for all at Mariposa.