George Hewison

Brief Biography

George Hewison's first public performance was at a festival in Parksville on Vancouver Island in 1960 not long after his voice changed from soprano to bass. He has since performed across the country and abroad on radio and television, in coffee houses, night clubs, theatres, concerts (large and small) rallies, conventions, picket lines, and festivals large and small. We welcome him back to Mariposa this year.

George Hewison has been writing and singing songs of Canada's working people for more than four decades. He has inspired thousands of workers and social activists from all parts of Canada, done extensive radio, television and theatre work and is currently working on his fifth album. He is founder and lead singer for the band “Rank n File”; has performed and recorded with “Joe Hill” composer, Earl Robinson; and shared a stage at the 1986 Berlin Political Song Festival with Pete Seeger and Billy Bragg. Hewison's deep baritone voice and edgy lyrics is a perfect match for his commitment to social justice. George is constantly on the road spreading the word about unions and social justice. Dare we call it his gospel? He continues to write and sing passionately for equality, social justice, labour and human progress. Grab his latest CD, "Uncharted Waters" at the Emporium so you can hear some of that social activism at home.