The Medicine Show

Brief Biography

If you like to laugh, hold onto your hats, ‘cause these guys steal hats! Murray Rodger (they call him “Murph”) and Kevin Knight (they call him “Kevin”), will have you rolling in the aisles - well, the grass anyways. Their original sketches replete (now, there’s a funny word) with music, costumes, accents, slapstick, and clean humour suitable for all ages, has Oprah raving about them. We’re just not saying which Oprah. TMZ insiders tell us, very confidentially of course, that you will see this act on the Tonight Show never in your lifetime, so you better catch them at Mariposa when you can. Joining The Medicine Show for their gig at Mariposa is renowned storyteller Brad Woods. Brad has made a national name for himself as a storyteller for both children and adults on his own and with his group The Great Wooden Trio. We welcome Brad back to Mariposa!


If laughter is the best medicine then these two clowns are just what the doctor ordered. Murray “Murph” Rodger and Kevin “Kevin” Knight are two pals who are actively reducing Canada’s stress levels by bringing big laughs to people of all sizes. Since debuting their act in 2007 on the main stage of Orillia’s Opera House they have performed at festivals, schools, churches, private parties and corporate functions. The Medicine Show performs original sketches and music with the use of outrageous costumes, hilarious accents, physical slapstick, audience participation and clean humour suitable for all ages. Oprah raves about their show (not “the Oprah”). Never Expect to see them on the Tonight Show. Murph is the Director of Family Ministries at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Orillia and runs his own custom painting business. He likes to entertain his wife and two sons… every chance he gets…for as long as possible…until it’s very late. They are making great use of their psychiatrist’s family plan. Kevin is a carpenter in Newmarket, far enough away from Murph so as not to risk running into him more than is necessary. Kevin lives with his first wife and their two daughters in a home where the toilet seat remains down at all times. Everyone is happier that way.