Mariposa Talks

Interviews with Artists & Other Interesting Characters

The Mariposa Talks Interview Series gives you a bird’s-eye view behind the scenes. Find out what drives the creative process. Gain an understanding of the factors, considerations and challenges of performing on stage. Learn some trade secrets. And marvel at the surprising things that go into the music you love.

Here are the interviews we have so far. More coming soon:

Steve Poltz
Connie Kaldor
Irish Mythen
Rich DelGrosso
Lance Anderson, ‘The Last Waltz – a Musical Celebration of The Band – Live’
James Hill
Sonny Ochs
Lori Yates
Rita Coolidge
Alison Porter of Dirty Dishes
David Amram
Murder Murder
Teilhard Frost of Shesham and Lotus & ‘Son

Mariposa Talks Opening Slide B