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Logo & Name


about the logo

The Mariposa logo isn’t just any logo. Just like the festival, Mariposa’s logo is created by, representative of, and for the folk artists and musicians. It was designed, then later redesigned, by two of Canada’s best-known folk artist icons. The original design was by Ian Tyson – he headlined the first Mariposa Folk Festival in 1961 as a duo with Sylvia Fricker (who later became his wife). Later, a young fellow by the name of Murray McLauchlan started hanging around the Festival and updated the logo to the current version that remains in use today.

What’s in a Name?

The name Mariposa comes from the fictitious town of Mariposa, in the thinly disguised spoof of the real town of Orillia in Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town, the charming novella by Canada’s most famous humourist, Stephen Leacock.

When the organizers of the first Mariposa Folk Festival were looking for a name, Mariposa was the logical choice.

Leacock’s beautiful lakeside home is a popular museum just a short walk along the Gordon Lightfoot Trail from Tudhope Park, the site of Mariposa Folk Festival.