The Clash Speaking Inuktitut = The Jerry Cans

21 May The Clash Speaking Inuktitut = The Jerry Cans

jerryCansThey are“… what would happen if The Clash had grown up speaking Inuktitut…” according to Penguin Eggs.

Fast rising northern stars, The Jerry Cans perform a delicious mix of Inuktitut alt-country, throat singing, and reggae.

Calling them unique is as much of an understatement as calling the universe big.

Let’s just say they’re wonderfully exciting, fantastic, and fun.

Passionate about preserving Inuktitut, they perform many of their songs in that language.

But it’s not their political or cultural motives that have grabbed people’s attention.

It’s the way that people, ranging from elders to young folk, cannot resist dancing to their high-energy tunes.

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